Happy Sunday!

My friend David visited a couple of weeks ago and brought me a couple of gluten-free treats from California. Among them were two boxes of gluten-free mac & cheese, which I really enjoyed! I used to treat myself to mac & cheese out of a box every once in a while when I still ate gluten, but now that is a thing of the past. It was really lovely to have an easy-to-make companion in my cupboard and to be able to eat a full (albeit not necessarily healthy) meal in about twelve minutes. I totally forgot what that is like! *wink*

This is what the box looks like. 01 Gf Mac and cheese klInside you find tiny rice shells and an envelope with cheese powder for later use.

This is how you prepare the mac & cheese:

First, bring six cups of salted water to a boil. Throw the rice shells in there and boil them for about ten minutes. Once the rice shells are tender, drain them.

To prepare the cheese sauce, you pour a couple of tablespoons of milk into a pot, then you add the cheese powder. You can then add a chunk of butter, stir until the sauce is lump-free (both times I made this product, I was unable to remove all of the lumps), and then dump the rice shells. You can spice this dish up by adding some vegetable or other. I chose zucchini slices. I also added a bit of grated parmigiano for extra-cheesy-ness. 02 Gf Mac and cheese kl

I really loved the taste of the cheese sauce and – as David pointed out – I would love it if it were sold separately. It is rich, flavorful and lush. The rice shells were divinely al dente, I would also enjoy them in a soup or with a vegetable sauce of some kind. I would definitely buy this regularly – if I only could!

Since we have no similar product on the German market (only something which – if prepared by package direction tastes quite vile – by Schneekoppe), I really wish Annie’s would consider selling their Rice Shells & Creamy White Cheddar (Gluten-free Mac & Cheese) – or any of their other products – on the German market. Or that someone who makes a living of importing US-products to Europe would consider adding this brand of gluten-free mac & cheese to their online-aisles. I would definitely buy this and I’m sure many other celiacs in Germany (particularly those of us who are desperate for convenience products) would, too!

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