The husband and I recently watched a show on apples on one of the public TV channels. The host tested all types of apples, ranging from new breeds to old ones, which are nearly extinct. At one point in the show, he had a group of sport-aficionados a variety of apples, not telling them which plate contained what apple type. Wellant, an old breed, won. The husband and I agreed: we needed to try, too! So, the next time I went shopping, I bought Wellant and wow: they are really amazing apples. Very fresh, full of juice and so sweet! Toward the end of the show, the host, who also happens to be a cook, prepared all sorts of dishes featuring apples. It’s from there that I got the idea for this recipe. Due to the sweetness of the apple, you could totally serve this dish aside oven-baked latkes, my mother-in-law joked. Everyone agreed. I agree, but think it also goes really well with all sorts of warm, hearty dishes. Since this mash is fat-free (and vegan!), it’s an ideal companion to fatty things, such as Schnitzel… I also think that you should go easy when using your handheld blender, leaving a few chunks in this mash here and there really adds to its charm.01 Apple Celery Puree kl Ingredients: One apple (e.g. Wellant, washed, peeled and cut into cubes) one third celery root (peeled and chopped into large cubes) 2 medium onions (peeled and roughly chopped) olive oil (or butter) 150 ml apple juice salt and pepper to taste Place the chopped onions on the bottom of a hot pot, then fry the onions until they are tender and somewhat roasted. Add the apple and the celery and continue to fry for about a minute, then cover with apple juice and let ingredients cook. 02 Apple Celery Puree klThis will take between twenty minutes and half an hour. You may have to add more apple juice along the way. 03 Apple Celery Puree klOnce both the apples and then celery pieces are tender, turn off your stove and remove pot. Allow apple and celery pieces to cool, then proceed to puree using the help of a handheld blender. Season with salt and pepper whilst reheating, give the puree another good mix and then serve immediately, perhaps arranging it beautifully on your plate using the help of a pastry bag or a cookie-maker (the celery puree is the one in front – sorry for the blurry picture, but I only realized post-dinner that I only had a sharp picture of the roasted parsnip mash and had to cut this picture out of another, the focus point obviously being somewhere else).04 Apple Celery Puree

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